Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 4 - Tuesday 23 July

26.5 miles - starting at Pendennis Point (Falmouth) and finishing at Kennack Sands.

We set out at just after 7am, my Mum kindly dropped us off after a very early start for her (thanks Mum!).

Another day of stunning scenery, weather good too, quite breezy and sunny spells.  We had 2 river crossings across the Helford River and Gillan Creek.  The driver of the tiny boat at Gillan and his 'mate' were probably no more than 16!  As in previous days we passed through some lovely little hamlets and villages.

The path was quite rough in places so apart from the first couple of miles where we had a long spell of running we did a lot of walking and a lot of talking as well as stops to take photos.

I have been worried about seeing snakes.  We didn't see a snake today but we did see a small slow worm.  We also saw a little lost dog, hopefully he found his owner again.

A really lovely day with Jackie.

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  1. Hi Julie

    What can say but wow. You are doing amazingly well. Great progress so far and you sound like you're enjoying it too. How you holding up physically i.e feet,ankles,knees etc. All the usual running niggles staying at bay I hope. Keep up the good work.

    Oh,well done on the flapjack yesterday. Food is fuel!!