Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 7 - Friday 26 July

26.8 miles - from Sennen Cove to Lelant

Another fantastic day.  I had been really worried about today as the coast from Pendeen to St Ives is very remote with no where for refreshments.  Alan will confirm that I was really nervous yesterday evening - I think I was a bit of a pain!

I set off from Sennen at 6.30am - I had to run along the back of the beach which was a bit of a pain as I got sand in my trainers!  There also seemed to be a snail convention going on, there were snails all over the path.

After about 4 miles I reached the coast near St Just where we have spent a couple of holidays recently.  It seemed strange to pass by without visiting St Just itself.  I am pretty sure that I saw choughs on this stretch of coast.  I then passed into old mining territory - a lovely nostalgic part of the coast.

I met Alan and Alfie at Pendeen lighthouse the last place they could meet me.  We filled up my water for the next 14 miles.  I felt as if I was setting off into the unknown as the guidebooks desvribe this as the 2nd hardest section of the coast path in Cornwall.  The next 14 miles were actually really enjoyable, the path was boggy at times and I got very close to a lot of granite boulders when I had to scramble over them, but it was good.  My only concern was that I had to ration my water as I was worried that I was going to run out.

Just as I was coming into St Ives I bumped into Chris from work and his wife Jenny - they have been on holiday in St Ives for the last week.  None of us could believe the coincidence that we had just bumped into each other.  I went with them back to their lovely holiday cottage in the middle of St Ives.

I walked on (literally no running today) to Lelant where Alan and Alfie picked me up.

Tomorrow I will be joined by my running friend Jo and her Springer Katera who is much more well behaved than Alfie!

Cape Cornwall

St Ives

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